Good morning / folks! A question from my father:

Is there a way to set up a Mac, akin to Remote Desktop on Windows, so that you can control it from another device regardless of whether or not it's on the same local network?

We know about Switch Control, but that appears to only work on the local network (see ). We're looking for something we can use remotely.

Any ideas (including broadening the scope of Switch Control)?

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@porsupah It may be! I'll take a look. I wasn't aware OS X came with a VNC client and server - like the article says, most of the third-party software is payware. :)

@noelle @porsupah I've used VNC to connect to a Mac (from a Windows or Linux machine) for work. As I remember it, connecting from Linux with e.g. Remmina worked fine; on Windows I found that some VNC clients had issues, but the free RealVNC viewer worked fine.

@noelle the paid option i like is screens unfortunately not open source either but it is pretty easy for people to use and doesn’t have some subscription model shoehorned in

it simplifies the VNC stuff, like on my windows machine it installed and configured tightvnc on my behalf which was cool

i’ve used it primarily on macs over the years tho; it’s been around a long time

@mood @noelle (Apple used to try their own thing here called Back to my Mac but I guess they ran into too many support issues with random routers?)

It’s not very Mac-like, but TeamViewer (free, but closed) should work. The Mac gets assigned a number on install that you type in (or add to a contact list).

@noelle if he's got an iCloud account, I believe you can use "Back to My Mac" to do file access and screen sharing over the Internet.

You would need to check a box in Settings > iCloud I think. You then go to preferences in Finder to make machines with that enabled appear in the left-hand panel of that window.

@noelle i always used teamviewer for this tbh; i presume maca can set up teamviewer for remote connections just like linux or windows?

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