饾晭饾敻饾斀饾斀饾晝饾敿 饾晩鈩氿潟岎潝糕劃饾斀

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@noelle How removing a single line can instantly turn the appealing into the unappealing

@noelle W痰挞台坍蛪蛧虌虛虛蛡蜎蛥a谭號虦蹋蜌叹蛫蛦蜖蛥f痰蛧碳蜄蜄虧虉虂虓蜎炭虖f谈滩蜁蜁虜虃蛻虉虛虝l谭泰虝e潭挞虨蛬蜆 谈挞蛦虗虛S痰坍蛵虄虂蛯虆蜎蜆q谈挞虠摊虛虇蛼虛u檀獭虡蜋蛦虤a谭坛太處叹蜖蜐r痰台虦胎蜌蛡蛬蜅處虈虆f潭瘫蛵胎虁虝蜐

@noelle Everybody, let's head on down to the Waffle Scarf. Kids love the Waffle Scarf

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