I can't believe I'm not making this up: there's an effort afoot to renovate and restore the area around NYC's Penn Station, called the Penn District. Each part of the plan by real estate firm Vornado is given a number: Penn 1, Penn 2, etc.

The centerpiece is a skyscraper whose height will rival the Empire State Building, and unbelievably, it's been given the code number Penn 15.

I would have sworn this was an April Fool's joke, but I'm seeing references to the Penn district from last year and to Penn 15 specifically as early as January of this year.


It's vornado they almost always choose the worst possible name.

@noelle This has the exact same energy as Dr. Evil, after establishing that Preparations A-G have failed, deciding to move forward with Preparation H.

@noelle i like how in the phrase "plans to erect Penn 15" the last 3 words are a hyperlink, making them stick out as a single long unit from all the other text in that paragraph

to say nothing of all the other specific turns of phrase in this article

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