gosh dang it I was going to go to bed like an hour ago

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@[email protected] they are not like the plums in the icebox, nobody will eat them

@[email protected] if they were exciting enough people will still be boosting them tomorrow

@[email protected] no but for real ellie go to bed you just had surgery like two days ago 🍵

@InspectorCaracal look just because there is a slice in my arm doesn't mean I am sleepy

@InspectorCaracal I am sleepy but that is not implied by the cut in my arm :P

@[email protected] what about a relationship built on the foundation of jokes :thonking:

@InspectorCaracal I like to think all my relationships are built on a foundation of jokes, but I'm prepared for the whole thing to just wind up being a line of punches.

@noelle @InspectorCaracal if you pour punch on me I will still love you, but I *will* make you un-sticky my hair

@noelle also, go to bed if you are the sleepy, I will screenshot you the good posts* for tomorrow <3

*good posts may be limited to Things About Star Wars

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