questionable content, spoilers for old comics 

This is either extraordinary planning on Jeph Jacques's part or an astonishing coincidence.

This is the final panel of strip 2262. 741 strips later (3003), Bubbles makes her first appearance. 741 strips after that (3744), Faye and Bubbles admit their feelings for each other and kiss for the first time.

re: questionable content, spoilers for old comics 

(Sadly, 2262 is not evenly divisible by 741, and 741 strips before 2262 is 1521, which is just the group partying with Marten's dad. But 741 before that (780) is the first time Faye and Angus meet outside of Coffee of Doom. We have not yet reached 4485 (3744+741); I hope nothing bad happens then!)

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