The Fisher Space Pen is pretty amazing. It'll write in zero gravity, upside-down, without an atmosphere, in below-freezing temperatures, and in temperatures above 300°F.

And if the temperature goes above 300°F, the pen doesn't actually fail. The ink just changes from blue to green to give the person writing a warning that it's unsafe for human habitation.

@noelle ... because the scribe in question wouldn't notice the temperature otherwise...

@Momerath I mean, it isn't necessarily obvious that you've gone from "this is very hot" to "I won't survive in this for more than a few minutes". Humans can survive at 250°F for almost an hour, but that drops rapidly the higher the temperature goes.

@noelle Wait till you find out the karas kustoms retrakt is aircraft grade aluminum with a german clicker made of steel and can be setup to accept the fisher space pen cartridges
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