I pronounce "deque"...

(If you don't know what a deque is, this question's not for you. :)

(Other potential answers I can think of: "dee queue", "deck you", "day queue", "dee kwee" if you're weird)

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@noelle I don't get to vote because I had to look it up but Wikipedia gave one answer and I want to say the answer it gave is WRONG

@noelle Wiki says "deck" but that one feels the MOST wrong to me out of potential options, I feel like D E queue or dee queue would be what I would say

@witchfynder_finder @noelle i was always taught "deck" but it Just Feels Wrong -- i would say "D Q" if only that weren't taken by the verb "dequeue"

@noelle After looking it up, my instinct would be "dee queue". But I also like the implication of the association with a tasty dessert.

@noelle "deck you" (deh queue) definitely imo; the vowels should match the expanded form

NOT "dee queue" which is dequeue (to unqueue)

@noelle Hmm, though I've never seen it written out that's how I assumed Deke was spelled.

like toque

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