Astronomers have found a fossil galaxy, named "Heracles", inside the Milky Way. They analyzed the chemical composition of tens of thousands of stars in the Milky Way's halo, and found hundreds with compositions so strikingly different that they must have come from a different galaxy - one that collided with the Milky Way billions of years ago.

@noelle we should go there and check it out when we're able

@noelle oooooo leftovers from The Conjunction Of The Spheres! now if we can just convince nasa to send a probe out there to detect if they have magic...


government officials looks at satellite: “what’s this long woody bit here? It looks like a robotic arm holding a pointy stick”

scientist: “it is a robotic arm holding a pointy stick. well more properly it’s an ash wand configured in resonance antennae mode to detect thaumatons”

@noelle that wording makes it sound like it was already named Heracles when they found it

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