Reminder: if you don't like Disney's "Hercules" because "it doesn't conform to the classical myths", the correct question to ask yourself is:

"Which myths?"

(I tell you this as a Classical Studies scholar: there are so many versions of the Hercules/Heracles story that expecting any adaptation to adhere to a singular version is a fool's errand. Just enjoy the story like the Greeks and Romans did.)

Personally - and I say this as someone with a degree in Classical Language and Literature - I love Disney's "Hercules", and I encourage you to watch it on its merits, not on its deficiencies.

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@noelle There are valid reasons to dislike Hercules but this--- Wait

No there aren't!

@noelle the best we as a modern culture can hope for is a feature length VRperience of a heavily edited copy of our fabled exploits
@noelle so what if dril didn't have a sword or wear a smoking jacket, yanno?

@noelle Even haters can't deny how excellent the Gospel Truth sequence was.

@noelle honestly this is true for most modern interpretations of indo-european myths in general

@noelle the joys of writing fanfic where the canon is public domain (and is itself conceptually mostly indistinguishable from fanfic)

@noelle Heh. It's always fun to ask someone what version of King Arthur's story is the true "canon" too.

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