Waiting patiently for conservatives to condemn gender reveal parties, which have killed several people and caused hundreds of *b*illions of dollars in property damage, at the same level they condemn antifa and anti-cop protests, which they claim to be condemning over a few hundred thousand dollars in property damage.

@noelle Perhaps we need to rename protests as "capitalism's ugly face reveal parties"


the sun will burn out before they get around to it.

you know unless everyone starts loading their gender bombs with NB purple, then they'll be tripping over themselves to be the first to condemn it.

@noelle hmm I think I can get a rough estimate, all I have to do is calculate how long till the heat death of the universe.

then double that

@noelle fwiw, not meaning to reply-girl at you, but: i haven't seen any estimates that put the property damage at billions of dollars, let alone hundred. *all* of the 2017 california wildfires *put together* have only reached $18B, and iirc the el dorado wildfire has only burned mostly-uninhabited acres. the 2018 wildfire caused $8 million in damage.

on the other hand, the minnesota protests alone have caused at *least* $25 million in damage.

like, i agree with your broader point, but it's inaccurate to say that the riots caused less damage than gender reveal parties


@noelle Is that for real? If people in this society are burning down neighborhoods because of a disappointing gender reveal, I have to ask whether this is a society worth saving.

@noelle my parents are what I'd call "Kasich Conservatives." They had more to say about how wasteful/unproductive gender reveal parties than they've had to say about antifa or blm. Point being there are conservatives who agree w/ you. You just don't hear from them often

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