@noelle well, it's in the same vein as CAH, with dark and absurd humor, but as far as i know the creators (Cyanide and Happiness) aren't abusers.
(it's also more fun than CAH in my experience.)

@[email protected] considering the name and contents of the game i don't see how literally anyone is surprised by this

@noelle i am morally obligated to yell about how Max Temkin is probably definitely a rapist any time CAH is brought up.

@noelle That doesn't surprise me at all and CAH always struck me as a mean-spirited game whose humour quickly wore thin, but having said all that Apples To Apples is crap

@ifixcoinops @noelle i'm a fan of Dixit for a card game in the same kind of category, but not as boring as A2A or as shitty as CAH

@apocheir @noelle Dixit is fun (especially if you're an English-speaking Bollywood fan) and very pretty, but a very different, more reflective sort of mood to CAH. The Game of Things is a nice alternative to both CAH and A2A, especially if you chuck out the rulebook and just play it by A2A/CAH rules.

@noelle Yeah, going to go recycle this now. Kinda done. Thanks.

@noelle Apples to Apples is more fun because you gotta WORK to make it dirty

@noelle It is so much funnier and more of an accomplishment when you can land a dirty joke with Apples to Apples.

@wolfie @noelle I'm not above condemning a convicted rapist, murderer or anything like that. But: only two people know exactly what happened and you and I are neither of them. Branding people because of what they are accused of will not lead humanity onto a good path, will it? Let's say someone accused you of child molestation - would it be OK to brand you a child molester because someone read something on the Internet? Of course not.

@wolfie @noelle This morning I was made aware about the development regarding the accusations against Temkin. I had googled but didn't find this the other day. I now better understand the reactions towards me and my initial toot.

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