"But if you include Pluto as a planet then there are hundreds of planets in the solar system!"

"Fuck yes hundreds of planets sign me up"

@noelle Honestly? This was our first thought back when they did it. "So we have hundreds of planets. What's wrong with that?"

And the only rebuttal we ever got to it was "But it'll take forever to name them all."

@IngaLovinde This makes me laugh every time I see it. Like: yes? Of course?? People should be able to have the necessities for life for free??? Why are we even asking the question

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[email protected]​ thouartathaumaturgeharry
SS koobaxion


hot take: hrt, gender therapy and trans
surgeries should be free


if cis people don’t have to pay to have a body
that doesn't make them dysphoric, neither
should trans people

e, daisto

So by that logic does that mean that I should
get anti-depressants and all the other pills
for my mental issues for free because the
people who don't suffer from them don’t have
to pay to have them?

_~ atiredtrans


k3 fun-with-colors

And does that mean that corrective lenses
should also be free, because people with good
vision don't need to pay to see clearly, and
that devices to aid in mobility for people with
limited mobility (from crutches to (practical)
canes to wheelchairs to prosthetics) should
also be free, because people who don't have
limited mobility don’t need to pay for them?

“= atiredtrans

yes? why does everyone in the notes keep try-
ing to come up with gotchas Imao everything
to do with healthcare should be free

GP tabbytheravioli

Then by that logic, healthy food and clean
water should be free because without food
and water we will die. Also, without water,
hygiene will be minimal therefore increasing
the chances of disease.

& dykealectics

Yes. People should have access to a healthy
happy life and the whole point of a society
is to support eachother and work together.
how brainwashed by capitalism are you

to think food and water shouldn't be free

in an ideal world.

& cherryseltzer

this post is such a wild ride every time. ‘so
by this logic, people should have free
access to the things they need to live and

Source: atiredtrans

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@noelle I feel like the question comes back to 3rd graders.

memorize 8 planets with a mnemonic or memorize hundreds with like, an epic poem?

But if you ask a 3rd grader if they want more planets they'll surely say yes so... :blobhyperthink:

@noelle but.... it doesn't matter either way and the distinction can be useful? Pluto is still cool as fuck

@it_wasnt_arson @noelle propose Pluto as a representative planet, in honor of its role as earliest of the belt objects spotted which could, potentially, be planets?

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