I still can't figure out why I occasionally get follow requests. My account isn't locked. You can just... follow me.


To respond concisely to the many responses: This is happening with accounts that I haven't silenced or blocked either personally or Elekk-wide.

Which I guess probably means there's a bug in my server, because the answer is always "there's a bug in your server" even when I'm running absolutely standard tootsuite/mastodon.

@noelle if there's a bug in your server and your server is vanilla then there's a bug in vanilla

(you probably knew that already)

@noelle@elekk.xyz the way open-follows are implemented via AP, the remote server sends a follow request, then the local server checks the lock status and automatically sends a request approved action in response. This means there are a few venues for failures:

- your instance back-end thinks your account is locked
- your instance is sending the notifications to you instead of discarding them
- maybe the request approved action isn't making it to the remote server and it's falling back?

@noelle@elekk.xyz you can confirm or rule out 2 based on if you're getting the follow request and they're actually following you

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