A gentle reminder that "trap" is a slur that implies that trans women are "really men" and are deceiving straight men into being attracted to them, and that using "trap" to refer to trans people tells us that you can't be trusted.

(This is not an invitation to argue with me about this. You're wrong and you'll only make both of us mad.)

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@noelle An addendum:

Using the term “only to refer to cis men pretending to be women” isn’t a good excuse because this way for people to explore gender isn’t really a thing comfortably cis, gender-conforming men do.

@noelle I would like to destroy this definition and remove it from everyone's memory so I can talk about dragonhunter abilities in GW2

@noelle this is a good post, but I would have really liked a CW

@noelle that's that on that!!!!! I'm sick of every skinny 19 year old white boy with a face mask trying to roll up on me bc I point this shit out!!!

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