Quick reminder that we think of ancient Greek sculpture and architecture as being white and undecorated and austere not because they were intended that way but because over the course of two thousand years the paint wore off

@noelle I'm sure that I read in an art gallery somewhere that the Victorians who dug them up liked the idea of having them be white and undecorated so much that they bloody powerwashed them after digging them out of the ground.

@noelle And the paint choices we've reconstructed gave modern day kitsch a run for its money.

@noelle Don't you think it's time they were repainted? I for one think we should keep our ancient artifacts in good repair.

@Downes @noelle I liked one presentation in a museum where an altar from the early middle ages was shown at intervals under lights that added back the colours we believe it was originally painted with (and then back under white light to show the state it is today).

Fully reversible, but it allowed to appreciate the full kitsch effect that the people who built that altar wanted.
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