Well, that's an exciting new discovery. Trying to switch to another language input *by any means* locks my display up. (The mouse cursor still moves, I can switch to a terminal just fine, but I can't interact with anything on the screen.)

I dunno what happened, but I guess I don't get to type in Greek or Japanese anymore!

This is apparently a known bug in Gnome+Ubuntu 18/19.10, which is what my desktop environment is based on, so I guess I have to live with it unless I want to switch environments (and I don't).

@noelle question: would 3 separate accounts, each one set to a different language, work?

@alice Unfortunately not, because my use case is largely switching in and out in the middle of a paragraph.

@noelle love to see a known functionality-breaking bug

@noelle *flashes back to having to tell people "yeah, no, sometimes Skype just puts the messages in the wrong order and we can't fix it" working at an IT desk*


@brainblasted You're with GNOME, right? Any chance of checking into this? Seems kinda critical given the severity of the break and since it's apparently been in play since at least Ubuntu 18.10, there doesn't seem to be any momentum to get it fixed atm.

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