If you're going to be pedantic about the new decade starting in 2021 because "there was no year 0", then you also have to be pedantic about the new decade starting on January 11, 2021, because there were no October 5-14, 1582. :steven_pun:

@noelle wait what

why was there no October 5 - 14 1582?

@clarjon1 The Gregorian calendar reform made October 4 immediately followed by October 15 to correct for a slight inaccuracy in the Julian calendare and reset the solstices (and Easter) where they "should" be.

@adasauce It's the same missing days, England was just really slow in adopting them :D

@noelle some day far in the future extraterrestrial archaeologists will be exploring the ruins of earth and wonder how a society that couldn't even figure out how to calendar managed to advance so much technologically, yet the cultures that did a proper job died out centuries before.

@noelle Also all the changes made throughout the first millennium thanks to Romans using the calendar as a way to gain power.

...But this is more for others to see, since we remember you did an entire thread on how, among other things, they split up a month with the extra days not assigned to any given month because Reasons™.

@noelle in before major russian migration to fedi and old calendarist discourse

@noelle my argument for why the decade starts on 0, is that my first decade as a baby started at 0. 😅

@noelle but I think Koreans would refute this evidence.

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