Cool thing I just learned about "Into the Spider-Verse": When Miles is first learning to be Spider-Man, he's animated on twos (that is, he updates every second animation frame). Peter B. Parker and the rest are animated on ones (every animation frame).

This helps sell the idea that Miles is inexperienced and clumsy with his powers. He accelerates throughout; by the end of the movie, he's on ones along with all the other Spider-Persons.

@noelle They did so many cool things with the techniques and structures of animation throughout that movie, it's so awesome to keep learning cool details like this.

@hache woke up about 15 minutes ago to furious itching on my ankle and am treating it. :P

@noelle I had noticed the animating on twos, but not the difference between Miles' animation and the other Spider-persons, nor the progression as the story went on. I'll pay closer attention the next time I watch.

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