Dear fellow white people:

"White" and "normal" aren't synonyms.

Get used to the idea that you are one among an infinite selection of variations on a theme, and that MOST of those selections don't look, believe, or behave like you.

You are not normal. You are not better. You are just you.


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@noelle I like to say I'm a boring person. I try very hard to be.

@smeg "boring" is just another way to say 'default' or 'expected', and is still precisely the wrong attitude


@noelle if any are unconvinced:

p.s. i mean seriously y'all know what we do with mayonnaise?? with casseroles???? with GELATIN??????

IT AIN'T NORMAL. IT ALSO POSSIBLY AIN'T RIGHT. i mean it's delicious but, like, the line's easy to draw folks

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