Tech help request:

I have a Monoprice drawing tablet and I'm using Ubuntu 18 with a Gnome-based GUI. Other than this issue it works fine.


The default is tablet mode (the tablet corresponds directly to the screen) and I want to use it in mouse mode (the cursor doesn't move when I pick up and move the pen) but can't work out how to change that setting.

Settings > Devices > Wacom Tablet doesn't see the tablet.



Update: Solved!

I had to use xinput to set the *stylus*'s mode to RELATIVE instead of ABSOLUTE. Having done that it works exactly like I expect it to.

Thanks @dev_ponies and everyone else who chimed in!

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@noelle I don't know much about this but I'm feeling like it wouldn't show up as a Wacom tablet, but I'm assuming you've looked for other devices?

@InspectorCaracal That's the only option it gives me in the UI; it must not have occurred to them that someone might use a non-Wacom tablet. >_<

@noelle hrmm. does it have a place in the UI to see ALL your attached devices?

@InspectorCaracal If there is, I don't see it. (linux why are you making me miss windows)


what does LSPCI say?

-- thinking possibly proprietary drivers --

@Whovian9369 @noelle

erh....... yeah.... >.>

(( that's probably the trick .><! ))

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