I have found something worse than the "I bought you a car for Christmas" ads.

There's a GMC ad where the woman buys two watches, "one for me and one for you". The husband takes the one he likes without asking which one she likes best, then reveals that he's bought two trucks. So she picks the one she likes - the one he wanted - without asking.

Apparently MRAs F U C K I N G L O A T H E this woman because she won't just let the husband have whatever he wants.

I tried to look up the ad to find out what house was used as the set (if it indeed WAS a real house) and every post about it is filled to the brim with blatant misogyny. It's astonishing. And it's definitely worse than the commercial itself.

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@noelle I am morally compelled to like anything that infuriates MRAs.

Being on the same side as a car company is disturbing.

@noelle regardless of the gender “humor” the idea of two people needing two trucks makes me want to throw rocks at windows.

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