The only consolation to The Good Place ending is that I get to see what D'Arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto, Jameela Jamil, and William Jackson Harper do next :3

@noelle Jameela is already hosting a terrible game show... Misery Index I think. I'm so very unhappy about that.

@Juju That doesn't surprise me; she's a television host by trade. "Good Place" was her first actual acting job. :)

@noelle I know, I've known her before the Good Place. I'm just disappointed in the show. It could've been fun but the four unfunny dudes need to not be there.

@Juju @noelle Agreed. I checked out that game show because of her. it was not my cup o tea.

@noelle was the ending good? Or is it not done yet and you're just speaking generally lol

@eightbitsamurai oh sorry, it hasn't ended yet, I'm just speaking generally :) This is the last season, though; only 7 episodes left.

@noelle @eightbitsamurai and they've finished filming so the actors are starting to show up in other sets.

D'Arcy may be going to a series based off of "a league of their own"

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