Casual reminder that Elon Musk didn't found Tesla. When he contributed venture capital to the company he literally paid extra so he could have the title "Co-Founder".

@noelle I didn't know this! I didn't know he could be even more of a disappointing jagoff, but here we are :O

@noelle adding to this thread: also his wealth comes via his daddy, who owned an emerald mine during apartheid

@hope I don't have a descriptive article handy, but it's in the lede of,_I. .

@noelle Didn't actually know this and appreciate someone pointing it out!

@noelle I usually get in trouble with people for this, but my casual answer is that he's still the one who actually made Tesla.

@isagalaev Good for him, but that's a deflection. He objectively did not found Tesla and objectively used money to acquire a title he didn't earn. Those are facts that can't be elided by post-hoc justifications.

@noelle oh, I'm not arguing with those. I simply find it important to keep that in mind too. Because on its own the "not really a founder" thing kind of implies that he wasn't important for Tesla.

@isagalaev Okay. Naturally I can't be responsible for what you choose to read into my posts! :)

@noelle I'm not holding you responsible :-) Not every response is an attempt to fight! Mine wasn't.

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