remember when Madeline from "Celeste" had literal trans and gay flags on her keyboard and gamers fell over themselves to argue that the most logical explanation was that she was a cishet ally

@noelle oh my god

if you wrote this into a story people would call it unrealistic

@noelle I mostly remember that one guy who lost his spaghetti over those flags being in the image at all and insisting it was simply not possible for him to not specifically zoom in on them and be bombarded with propaganda as a result.

@noelle im so glad we have the power to ruin entire games for ppl in retrospect

@noelle "no, see, the flags just mean she's an ally! the medications is for her anxiety! that's not her in the photo, that's a sibling or something!"

@noelle thinking of all the cis allies that are putting trans flags over their stuff

@noelle i missed that, mostly just saw people being mad at them being there at all

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