@noelle Mordecai is effectively J.G. Quintel's fursona. (Feathersona?)

@noelle i would say that it is in the way that like, bojack and tuca + Bertie are. Which is that they sort of sit outside of furry fandom, but are appreciated by furries, and the creators are aware of furries, but it’s not being strictly targeted at us.

@noelle imo any show with sentient/cognizant animals is furry

@Frinkeldoodle @noelle @monorail @InspectorCaracal I'm a radical furry anarchist according to the chart, and Regular Show is definitely furry 😊

@riking @monorail @InspectorCaracal @noelle you will know all of a furry's kinks/fetishes/obsessions within 48 hours of knowing them whether you want to or not.

@monorail @InspectorCaracal @noelle this thing is trying to tell me that voldermort fits in a more strict definition of furry than scrooge mcduck?

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