@noelle WHAT is that in the top right i need to know

(as in what movie/or whatever that's from)

@maple My best guess is 1991's "Close My Eyes"? I've seen results saying it's actually a FaceApp morph, but the image seems to predate FaceApp so I dunno.

@noelle from all i can find it does look like the picture is a newer picture of him made young with faceapp, but i can't find the original picture used for it

he had a different hair in close my eyes

@noelle maybe it's the Prosopagnosia I'm pretty sure I have, but surely one or two of those is Tim Allen.

@jskellogg you're welcome to tell that to the person who made the image!

Actually thinking about it more, maybe it would make the case even stronger 😂​

fighter/cleric, NPC (quest giver), wizard, fighter/thief.

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