Reminder: "oh, we don't talk about money" / "we don't really compare salaries here" / etc. is literal capitalist propaganda designed to keep you from recognizing the true value of your labor.

Insist on a frank discussion of the compensation you and those around you receive for your time and effort.

@noelle we started talking about salaries at my job lately and it just makes everyone mad and nobody can really do anything about it

@pup_hime @noelle if talking about salaries makes you mad, you need to talk about unions with each other, is my hot take :)

@zatnosk @noelle unfortunately as a civil servant i am not allowed to go on strike

@noelle in my company i was told that this may weaken my position when negotiating a raise..

@noelle (translated: stfu talking about that with your collegues or the next raise won't be a raise...)

@Drezil @noelle Oh, nice. So they're resorting to thinly-veiled threats. That sounds like a harassment/workplace discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen...

@noelle It's also a good excuse to fire people who do.

@drwho @noelle Which in the US is illegal under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

@trebach @noelle Assuming one can afford the lawsuit while not having a job at the same time.

@noelle bbbut that might reveal favouritism and gender disparities!

@noelle yup, and it's illegal in the state to prevent people from/punish people for sharing salaries, despite what some company policies will try and tell you!

@noelle in East Africa people join and venture so much in partnerships, which is little known and almost eradicated in Europe where "labor" and "employment", "employer" terminology rules. Partnerships are true joint activities

@noelle fuck this is so true. They ask you not to tell anyone when you get a raise but it's Just so they don't have to compensate anyone else fairly.

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