"Yar's Revenge" is an extraordinarily good title. In two words it tells you who the protagonist is, what their motivation is, and what kind of player action you should expect to be taking in the game.

I should resume work on my Yars' Revenge PICO-8 remake. This is as far as I got:

@noelle Might want to shift that apostrophe along one, but otherwise, yeah. :blobcheeky:

@noelle also the static in the force field is a visualization of the code in memory

@Jo @noelle

I have so much respect for those old skool Atari programmers.

@remotenemesis @Jo @noelle David Crane, for one, is an absolute genius. Making Pitfall, in its entirety, fit into a 4k cartridge is evidence of his superhuman abilities.

@remotenemesis @noelle it was a genius move that didn't take any more memory.

@noelle It's too bad the rail shooter remake was such ass. It felt like it could've been much more interesting with some work.

Also cute bug girls :blobeyes:

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