"You should let your users decide who to block and what servers to block"

Fam, my users are here in part *because* I run interference for them and wall off the bad actors so they don't have to.

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@noelle I mean *gosh* if I wanted to do admin work by myself I'd start my own instance.

@noelle i have a policy of blocking 0 users and i am able to maintain this policy precisely because i trust my admins to appropriately respond to reports i make

i would never sign up on an instance that didn't bother handling that stuff

@noelle this is literally my criteria for choosing an instance.

@noelle And the people who don't like that can just join another instance more in line with their ideals...

@noelle in a sense, your users DO decide that by deciding what instance to join/what moderation team they get

@noelle Exactly this. The feedback mechanism is that if you block too little or too much, then people will leave, which is a built-in poll as to whether you're filtering the right amount.

@noelle *the meme with the person shouting, maybe at the oscars or something* louder for the FOSSbro at the back

@noelle and that’s why you’re the best internet mom

@noelle and for that we are eternally grateful :)

@noelle it's almost like I looked at what was forbidden and thought it was great! (Actually @alice recommended me, but it's not like I didn't look.)
I'm sure I could host a solo instance in theory but I don't particularly want to, and with all this freeze peach shit good admins are braver than the troops.

Seriously am I supposed to believe someone just throws a dart when picking their instance, doesn't read the splash page and then complains about their admin... adminning? :psyduck:

@noelle funnily enough the folks making that first argument seem not to realize that the users’ choice could be to elect a sort of foreperson...thereby removing a choice from the users

It’s just silly honestly

@noelle "You should let your drivers decide where to move the car to," I say to the person insisting that cars can be driven places.

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