"If you hate Nazis so much, and you want there to be fewer of them, the only way to do that is to debate them."

Son, I'm pretty sure I can think of another way to get fewer Nazis. :guillotine:

Only trust your fists
Debate will never help you
(against Nazis)

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@noelle Ah yes, debate, that famous technique that helped defeat Nazis the first time they came out

@Eramdam @noelle that's because first they weren't Debating hard enough

then the allied forces topped up their debating

@Eramdam @noelle kinda implies Hitler won some kind of debate contest with all his good ideas.

@noelle last time the world had too many nazis in it my grandfather was building bombers.

@noelle exactly how do such people think I may effectively debate someone who’s already decided I’ve lost? There really isn’t much room in “they think my kind are vermin to be extirpated” for “but they must admit I make coherent and well considered points.”

@noelle "I am a rational being who appreciates fact and logic more than personal opinion and will, if put in a fair and rational debate on the topic, inevitably agree with whichever side is most correct, and THEREFORE so would everyone else," says every pseudo-intellectual who cannot comprehend the possibility that they may be in error about their views.

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