Are there any ham radio operators on Mastodon? (I have to assume there are, but I've never knowingly encountered one!)

@noelle Got any questions or just curious on how many we are

@baronvonjace I'm just curious! I've always been interested but I don't know enough to know what to be curious about. :)

@noelle No infrastructure. If cell, electric or any kind of natural disaster were to happen amateur radio will still operate.

There are repeaters, which extend your signal, but there not required.

Check to see how many repeaters are in your area. This will also list all emergency frequencies if you want to listen in

@noelle Feel free to ask my any questions anytime. I'll be more then happy to answer.

@noelle @gemlog @bcshort @tk @uaa

I'm currently only an occasional SWL as I still need to get my Foundation licence and the place in Essex I thought would do the courses has (temporarily?) stopped - but at least I got my driving licence and a car recently so I can travel to radio clubs in other regions more easily..

There is a whole instance called, you will find a lot of hams there..

@noelle Not yet, but I do want to get into amateur radio at some point, once I finish all of the other projects I have

@noelle yes. :)

You might also be interested in

@noelle In another universe, I would have been able to answer "yes" for myself on this.

@hummingrain @noelle I'm one! I operate QRP (low power) and mainly on 40 meters. Most of my radio stuff is on @ND3JR

There's a whole instance dedicated to radio: There's also a (voluntary) list of ham radio operators on Mastodon here:

@hummingrain Also if you want to find toots about ham radio, the #AmateurRadio and #HamRadio hashtags are the ones to search on. Most amateur radio activities happen on shortwave, which we call HF (High Frequency) so you'll have no trouble finding hams who talk about their activities on that part of the radio spectrum.

@noelle Hey @roadriverrail! Ham operator looking to connect over here ;-)

@noelle I have my license, but I'm currently not active; moved around too much to have a radio and antenna setup.

Maybe you realize this but there's lots to hear on short-wave without a license. Amateur radio operators - hams - have permission to transmit.

Some folks just like to chat ("ragchew"), locally or around the world. Some folks like the emergency preparedness - some of the first reports out of Puerto Rico came through amateur radio. (1/2)

@noelle Some folks like challenge so there are contests, to talk to as many people, islands, or countries as you can. Some folks like the technical challenges and bounce signals off the moon, or amateur-launched satellites. Some folks like "foxhunting", using directional antennas to chase down a hidden transmitter. Some folks like building their own radios, in some cases from vacuum tubes. It's quite a varied hobby. It's also particularly interesting to people with visual disabilities. (2/2)

@noelle Yup, I'm a retired EE, broadcast engineer and extra class ham, as is my wife. Done chasing paper now, just operate casually on HF and daily on 2m/70sm

@noelle I'm presuming you're a ham, too? What modes and bands do you operate?

@noelle @cosullivan Right here. Short, medium, long, vhf, uhf , shf, etc. 😁

@noelle pretty sure there are a few. I know I follow a couple of HAMs at least. Not sure about shortwave though.

Looking into getting a SW/MW receiver. Seems fun.

@noelle so, comments take a long time to load recently...

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