A tip: when submitting a report, include more information than "this is <person>". No matter how infamous you think <person> is, if you make the admin on the other end do the work of figuring out who they are and why that's supposed to be bad, they're FAR more likely to just say "okay, and?" and mark the report resolved. (Especially since reports to other instances are anonymized, so the admin can't ask you follow-up questions!)

Addendum: filing another report wherein you give me grief for not knowing who <person> is and STILL don't provide any links or substantive evidence: this does not fill me with confidence that you're in the right. I've seen WAY too many people abuse the anonymity of the remote-report function to harass users they don't like.

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abuse mention 

Geez. Seriously? They couldn't type a couple extra words like "This is <person>, a known abuser" or whatever?

I mean, we can't expect anyone to know everyone, regardless of the community size, so I'd think it's common sense to at least include a brief summary of what's wrong.

@noelle ....attacking the moderator staff for not knowing who someone is sure sounds like a way to get banned from *my* instance. <.<

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