Tech interviewers: If you're assigning "Fizzbuzz" to applicants to make sure they understand control flow, remember:

The "b" in "Fizzbuzz" must be lowercase.

Allowing an uppercase "B" substantially simplifies the problem and sacrifices some of its diagnostic potential (such as it is).

(Why this is is left as an exercise for the tech interviewer. ;)

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@noelle oh yeah that makes a huge difference, the one maple linked me to had them both capitalized which was like "......well this sure is a trivial problem....??"

@noelle I want to be like "why would anyone ever use a test like this though" but then I remember when my previous employer accidentally hired someone for a email support and light software administration job who.... didn't know what a web browser is....

@noelle solution: present your code in 8bit basic on a computer which does not display lowercase characters

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