The year is 2025. Valve is bankrupt. The last Steam servers have just shut down. Every game you've purchased through them is now unplayable and worthless because you can't log in to validate them.

@noelle To be fair with them, Valve said years ago that when Steam will eventually close, they will disable all DRM.
But we just have their word on that.

@Sylvhem @noelle I'm sure they'll definitely do that, until a publisher pays them literally one penny not to

@Sylvhem @noelle I've seen people say this many many times but have never seen a source

@noelle on the plus side, technically you're done with that huge backlog you built up from all those humble bundles!! 🙃

@eightbitsamurai @noelle I mean, considering most of those bundles are just Steam codes instead of DRM-free downloads...

@hache @noelle yeah that's what i meant, the backlog doesn't exist anymore lol

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