Follow uses StyleGAN to procedurally generate human faces from source photographs. It generates a new face every time you reload the page.

It's a little unsettling to look at relatively high-res photographs of people who never existed. :ghost_gif:

@noelle seeing them at this resolution they're actually a little less convincing than I thought they were, though I'm sure I wouldn't notice if someone had one as a twitter avi or whatever

@noelle want more unsettling?

it's entirely possible that those are photos of people who did, do, or will exist

Shitpost, sad 

I bet it's just a figment of your imagination
@noelle @eightbitsamurai

Shitpost, sad 

@magicalmilly @noelle @eightbitsamurai *Donald pops up from behind a rock* THIS LOOKS LIKE A GOOD SPOT TO FI-

Shitpost, sad 

@magicalmilly @sandrockcstm @eightbitsamurai I have no idea what's going on but I'm glad everyone's having fun :) ❤️

Shitpost, sad 

@noelle @magicalmilly @eightbitsamurai We are so deep into our Kingdom Hearts shit right now 😆 . Thanks for being a good sport :blobsmile: .

body horror 


it’s kinda horrifying when it doesn’t know what to do with parts of faces

@noelle oh o-O that's so weird. Theyre is a probability to see a photography who looks like someone you know!

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