Remember Judge Doom's plan from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?

"I bought the Red Line so I could dismantle it!"

That /literally happened/ in the US (without the cartoon characters, naturally). Car manufacturers bought up and destroyed public transportation so people would drive their cars more.

@noelle where I grew up in San Diego the bus that ran by us was the same number as the old street car they ripped up. really wish it was still there.

@noelle capitalism proved that cartoonish evil not only exists, but we give it a cartoon face in fiction to help us sleep at night

@noelle "conspiracy"

Let it be known hence forth that now they are Flat Earth Basic Known Fact Theorists


As someone who has lived within an hour or two of Detroit most of my life (headquarters of GM and Ford) this isnt even remotely surprising

Its common knowledge that they actively blocked any movements for public transportation in southeast Michigan for decades and had all of the old streetcars decommissioned. The limited bus system and the brand new street train Detroit has now took YEARS of fighting the car industry to get

@noelle Covered in detail in part 1 of "How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World" (part 2, sources and transcript here: )

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