MTV's launch (on August 1, 1981) was closer to the end of WWII than to today.

Similarly, "Back to the Future"'s release was closer to the end of the Korean War than to today.

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"Get Smart"'s premiere (9/18/65) was closer to the /start/ of WWI (51 years) than it is to the present day (53 years).

Anything released prior to 1960, in fact, was closer to the turn of the 20th century (January 1, 1900) than to today.

(Including my parents. Gosh.)

Heck, I was only born 37.66 years after the US's entry into WWII - I'm ~39.5 years old now. o_o

@noelle honestly sometimes i have to remind myself that the 90s were closer to the 80s than the 2010s and that's just basic math

@noelle please everyone knows the world didn't exist before 2008

@noelle so what you're saying is your birth is closer to WWII than it is to the present day

@noelle With thoughts like that, if you don't know it already, you might get a kick out of the annual "Beloit College #mindset list" - reminding older teachers what differences between their mindsets and those of their 18-year-old students...

@noelle Adding to this: I've visited the website again (ah, nostalgia!) and reading choice bits to the Loving Spouse. Who responded to a particularly wacky one as "Nonsense has always required thought."

@noelle alternativly and even more pop culturally, the original avengers comic is closer to the end of world war 2 then the release of the avengers movie.

and not only is that true, the time is more then double between the comic release and now

@noelle "Get Smart, you fools!!"

(Sorry not sorry - just remembering with fondness a certain time of binge-watching after discovering we could get them on DVD...)

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