TFW you discover the setting on Tumblr - which defaults to ON - that lets Tumblr add their affiliate code to links you post, so they make money when you link to (say) a product on Amazon or Etsy.

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@Gargron @noelle I've never agreed with u so much in one moment as right now

@Gargron i'll be surprised if it doesn't given the huge stigma against it now

like i've never seen tumblr get so much shit in my life

@noelle on the plus side they don't override your own affiliate code, and I'd rather see that sort of natural advertising make them money than the increasingly-shitty "sponsored content" they insert.

@fluffy @noelle Yeah I mean, this is not exactly the worst thing they (could) do. They aren't even mining your data for it. If this was all they did, I'd have no problems with the site.

@noelle is it entirely client side validated, and thus overrideable by mildly techie people, though?

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