"The Bechdel Test? Where we're going, we don't need the Bechdel Test."

@noelle indeed I can only think of three male charecters with significant roles, one appears in one episode and a second is a behind the scenes puppet master

@venatus @noelle Sea Hawk, Bow, Swift Wind, Hordrak, Kyle. Granted calling Kyle 'significant' might be a bit of a stretch but he's named at least.

@keiyakins @venatus Two others have speaking roles but aren't particularly significant: one of Perfuma's followers and Mermista's butler/guard.

@keiyakins @noelle I uhh I forgot most people would register sea hawk as a guy. I just registered him as non-binary without giving it any thought

@venatus @noelle That's fair! ADVENTURE!, an amazing mustache, and setting boats on fire are far more important to the character anyway.

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