@wilw As a non-celebrity, I just want to say I am truly sorry for these weird and bad-faith attacks you've received on Mastodon.

I thought the Fediverse was better than Twitter, but apparently we're not; the same dynamics seem to follow every form of social media.

For what it's worth, if you choose to stick around, I for one am a fan.


@natecull @wilw More than anything, what infuriates me is that the people doing the reporting are by and large people who have come over from Twitter in the last two weeks. They think that because they hadn't heard about Mastodon before, it must be brand-new, and that they should be allowed to take it over and run roughshod over it. It's vicious and hateful and I'm damn well tired of it.

I have my differences with Wil, but this wasn't how this should have gone down, and I'm pissed that it was.

@natecull I wish I could delete and redraft this at this point, to make it clear that I'm talking about the subset of Twitter emigres who think they can run roughshod. I've met many good folks escaping from Twitter in the last few weeks and it's a minority who seem determined to drag their unholy Twitter/4chan medley over here.

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