Fun fact: Windows versions went directly from Windows 8 to Windows 10 because when software detects what version of Windows you're running, an awful lot of it uses "Windows 9*" to identify Windows 95/98.

@noelle I think Microsoft officially said that wasn't true which is how you know it is

@noelle Other possible theories:
* Microsoft wanted their final version of Windows to have a nice round number
* Microsoft wanted to distance themselves from Windows 8
* the number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan

@Jo @noelle Nine in Japanese is pronounced "ku", which is similar to "suffering" or "torture". Make of that what you will...

I remember at the time, a Google search query that pulled up all the source code that did this, and it was staggering.

@noelle I recall seeing many examples of source showing these checks, and even a code sample from MS recommending that check...

@noelle That was a rumour, not a confirmed fact, as far as I know.

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