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Café Eorzea is open to Mastodon peeps on Zalera in ! I trust most of y’all so feel free to ping me if you want in. It’s gonna be a v chill place for new peeps and vets, even if you don’t wanna talk at all that’s totally fine

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Happy to have an FC with people I am already friends with and that if nothing else will make it easier to tell who is online to do things with lol

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I am the monarch of crying. I am the monarch of crying. I am the monarch of crying. I am and I was rusty. plus scoring changes depending on what difficulty level you're on

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thanks to everyone that stopped by! it was v fun to make some cute glamours and run a dungeon. i might do it again now that i feel like i suck less at solo-streaming lol.

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and now for a stream with a different change of pace: i’m on FFXIV glamour hunting, come chill out:

ellie never should have given us 5000 characters (probably bad for screenreaders) 

They tawgeted gamews.


we'we a gwoup of peopwe who wiww sit fow houws, days, even weeks own end pewfowming sowme of the hawdest, most mentawwy demanding tasks. Ovew, awnd ovew, awnd ovew aww fow nothing mowe than a wittwe digitaw token saying we did.

we'ww punish ouw sewfs doing things othews wouwd considew towtuwe, because we think iwt's fun.

we'ww spend most if nowt aww of ouw fwee time min maxing the stats of a fictionaw chawactew aww tuwu dwaw out a singwhe extwa point of damage pew second.

many of us have made caweews out of doing juwst these things: swogging thwough the gwind, aww day, the same quests ovew awnd ovew, hundweds of times tuwu the point whewe we know evety wittwe detaiw such thawt sowme have attained such gamew niwvana thawt they cawn witewawwy pway these games bwindfowded.

duwu these peopwe have any idea how many contwowwews have bewn smashed, systems ovew heated, disks awnd cawts destwoyed 8n fwustwation? aww tuwu wattew be wefewwed tuwu as bwagging wights?

these peopwe honestwy think thiws iws a battwe they cawn win? they take ouw media? we'we awweady buiwding a new owne without thewm. They take ouw devs? gamews awen't shy abouwt thwowing theiw money ewse whewe, ow even making the games ouw sewves. They think cawwing us wacist, mysoginistic, wape apowogists iws going tuwu change us? we've bewn cawwed wowse things by pwepubescent 10 yeaw owds with a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a gwoup thawt's awweady gwown desensitized tuwu theiw stwategies awnd methods. Who enjoy the battwe of attwition they've thweatened us with. Who take iwt as a chawwange whewn they teww us we no wongew mattew. Ouw obsession with pwoving we cawn aftew being towd we cawn't iws so deepwy ingwained fwom yeaws of deawing with big bwothews/sistews awnd fwiends waughing at how pathetic we used tuwu be thawt pwoving uwu peopwe wwong has become a vewy weaw need; a honed wefwex.

gamews awe competative, hawd cowe, by natuwe. We wove a chawwange. The wowst thing uwu did in aww of thiws was tuwu chawwange us. Uwu'we nowt speciaw, uwu'we nowt owiginaw, uwu'we nowt the fiwst; thiws iws juwst anothew boss fight.

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i've seen it liek 6 or 7 times and i give it scritches

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figure collection chat 

after a long delay, my artfx j dawn & piplup figure showed up earlier this week! this is my first kotobukiya model and i'm really blown away by how quality their pokemon trainer figures are. i've passed on most of them but dawn was a must have bc she's my favorite trainer girl next to kris :blobheart:

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@mint Cause I'm Kazuma Kuwabara and in case you've forgotten, I'VE GOT A SWORD!!

thinking about this dumbass, absolutely clown of a man, i love him

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asking for monetary help, boosts needed, medicine 

a month's supply of my schizophrenia medicine costs $284

and that's WITH good rx

without good rx it's like $750

anyways... i still have some cash leftover from the first fundraising thing i did to get me out to seattle at the start of vantascape, but that's gonna be gone real quick if i keep having to do this every month

so i think i'm gonna have to crowdfund... my sanity

which is a super fucked up concept

anyways, yeah

anything past the initial $284 goal will be put toward my schizophrenia meds in future months, and in general keeping me alive while i job search

thanks so much!!!

you mean the world to me fediverse, you've kept me alive


my paypal is

i went through an extremely tumultous rollercoaster of emtions just now finding out that:

  • Scream 5 is coming out (yay!)
  • Remembered that Wes Craven passed so it’ll probably be garbage (aww…)
  • learned that Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are making it, the creators of Ready or Not (yay!)

so i’m hoping it’ll be good

viera mint taking yehn to the OIC in Gridania to sign the Free Company petition

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