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re: them fighting herds 

@fluxom_alt yo new character??? sick

cape westwind turns everyone in a full party into fucking goblins it’s amazing

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mint told me not to look at the guide for crown of the immaculate and i was like UH OH WHY.... and now i'm cackling

my phone is not giving me mastodon notifications anymore and frankly? Good

me: sorry i died, i haven’t done this trial in a while.

this is a lie. i did the trial yesterday. today i am just eating a lot of popcorn and tanking at the same time

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@ishiku r e a d m y g u I d e I a m b e g g I n g y o u

@ishiku @knittenkitten you use the item and it gets registered to you. Then you go to your minion menu and click it or hot bar to have it follow you. The reason it starts as an item is so you can sell it to market board if you get a dupe.

@yattermang @fantasm yep tmrw I’m fasting so I’m free all day lol just @ me when you wanna

Cant wait to see loz react to the boss she’s about to fight lmfao

This meant to say “more diverse skaters” lmfao from various ethnicities and also a trans skater!

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shadowbringers spoilers 

can someone come get us we 're stuck in the ecstasy of st. teresa by gian lorenzo bernini

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