hi i'm mint! you should follow me if you like writing, music, and videogames like me! i like doing design, am learning UI/UX and am currently writing a novel about a girl that works as a Grim Reaper part-time! i have a trash gremlin of an OC named Mint whomst has splintered like a gay prism into two other OCs, Peppermint and Spearmint! i try to be positive more often than not but bear with me if i get into a funk.

nice to meet you!!

@spacekookie oh these are all commissions haha, this is the only mint i’ve ever drawn myself

@mint haha okay, well I like the energy in that one too :D

@mint I wanted to press follow and pressed unfollow and followed again...
I'm so dumb, I'm sorry

@charlag lol it’s all good, i have follower notifications turned off so i wouldn’t have noticed :mintlaughing:

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