art is fun because only men are allowed to have unique facial features

the aesthetic for the new decade is “front page of art station”, why not

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@mint but mint, one of the womans has glasses, that is a character trait!!

@mint someone said fio looks like an e-girl and now i can't unsee it

@mint Me: This is kind of bullshit
Also me: Eri is kind of goals ngl

@[email protected] reminds me of reading some stuff from Disney animators about not being able to stretch/squash women's faces as much and the artist behind Jane from Tarzan being particularly notable because he actually fucking animated her face and managed to do it in an "acceptable" way

@[email protected] whoops i said "not being able" when i meant "not being allowed"

@mint I noticed this exact phenomenon during the Bravely Default II demo. The two women characters differ dramatically in personality, but when you flip between the two on the equipment menu . . .

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