Sucks that so much of early game development is shrouded behind a wall because gamers have no understanding of checks notes work, and thus endlessly complain about how a game in alpha or whatever looks like “garbage”

@mint require all gamers to a make a platformer before they're allowed to play video games for more than an hour a day

@mint we were letting our coworkers kid playtest and he was asking why arrows went through walls and we were like "because we havent written that yet" and he was like you have to do that???? lol

@mint anyway props to the average gamer for having the understanding of work that an 11 year old child has

@dankwraith @mint I program Arduino for fun and I'm still occasionally upset that "blink" is not one of the three states that LEDs just naturally exist in.

Thinking of all the empty event loops buzzing in all the devices around me all the time gives me anxiety now.

@dankwraith @mint from what little I know of game dev, it genuinely astounds me what actually goes into it to create something from the ground it. It pains me every time a studio puts years of work into making a world from scratch, programming how every little thing reacts, writing a story and dialogue, just for some gamer to dismiss it for some horseshit reason

@caymanwent @mint i literally don't seek out opinions on anything i work on for this reason, people don't know jack shit about fuck all and i have no reason to accept their criticism

@dankwraith @mint I want to grab Gamers by the neck, shake them, and press their face to the TV screaming "someone made this! They put their heart and soul into making a world for you to play in! Stand and marvel at the sheer level of entertainment you are afforded in our technologically advanced world, and yet you still complain about minutae??"

@caymanwent @mint i'm very opinionated about minutae, but i write physics and graphics systems so i fucking earned it lmao

@dankwraith @mint yes, and you've earned that, because it's what you do! I don't understand how people can spend all day pushing numbers at Smith & Smith Fuck Factory and then plop down on a couch, load up an immersive, interactive experience, and say "that horse looks weird, bad game, 1/5"

@caymanwent @dankwraith I am but a bumble designer, the idea of programming physics makes my mind melt into butter

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