i once again have to ask: at what point do we say “yes i enjoy the games Riot makes, but their repugnant management has ruined that for me and i can’t enjoy them anymore”? i understand if you’re a person that casually follows videogames that you might not know, but if you’re even slightly caught up on news, i am curious to learn how you’re able to boot up League or Valorant or whatever without feeling the need to take a shower afterwards

there are 9 billion videogames out there you can play. hell you can get 1000+ of those games in a bundle actively fighting against racial injustice. do you need to play a game from Riot?

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give me a video game job, i have zero business experience but i will not shit the bed like these executives constantly do

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@[email protected] what gets me is i'm definitely a person who at best casually follows videogames and i got to the point of "will never buy a Riot game ever" fucking YEARS ago

@mint ...I guess they'll have to put out another K-Pop video to smooth this one over, huh?

@capn_pancakes @mint it's too late. we've radicalized the k-pop stans too far already

@typhlosion @mint Absolutely True. But I'm just waiting for their newest "goodwill gesture" past their dynasty of corporate level cock-ups. ...probably another sexy Ahri skin or some garbo.

@mint I think I can answer this.
1. I don't put any money into it.
2. This is a convo developers at riot were having with other people last year and it's that developers want people to play their games but also their company sucks, they're torn as well. This shit is from the top down, those two have to go.

@mint they donated a bunch of money to worthy causes, and plugged their ongoing charities like girlswhocode, which just feels hollow in light of their internal history of employee mistreatment and complete failure to moderate their games.

I was a pretty hot sivir mid, but I left around when heimer's turrets became temporary, which was ages ago. I just didn't want the stress of talking to any of the players.

video game company bad. (Riot) 

@falkreon @mint it's easier to send money to some bank account and write a generic press release.


super gross, what an asshole.

Didn't Riot also have a scandal a few years ago where they were covering up sexual harassment?

I had already drifted away from LoL years before that, so I didn't follow it that closely

@mint do you have a link to the article? I have a few people I need to send it to.

@mint You mean those multiplayer hellhole games I never play because they're full of racist gamer boys?

Can't I just punch Ron Johnson there in his Stupid, Racist face? I'm really more into the Face-Punching when it comes to racists.


I’m confused by that first half of the sentence. I realize how much money is thrown at Riot that some people have to enjoy Riot’s games, but… I’m still constantly shocked people enjoy Riot’s games.

They copy other people’s games, slap a weird almost-but-not-quite Asian appropriating (for white LA dudebros) aesthetic on top, and call it a day. They are the (racist, sexist) Zynga/King Games of AAA.



Fun disclosure: I only actually tried to play League of Legends because of an insistence I try it in a phone interview process with Riot. I was not pleased by the game nor half the answers I got to questions about their corporate culture or strategy.

I’ve watched about five minutes on Twitch of Valorant and my “meh” sense was tingling so hard, I was quickly bored watching it.

(YMMV, these are my own opinions, I know many gamers disagree.)


@mint shocking that a company named Riot doesn't support protesters

j/k Riot's fucking gross in big loud ways and has been for a long time

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