ALSO an artist changed NPC art to reflect the person it’s based on having transitioned since the game came out and it almost makes me wanna cry???? not gonna share the original art but here’s the new model!!!

skullgirls fucking rules i don’t care that i’m hot garbage at it.

The art-style and gameplay of Skull Girls visually looks so cool. I just wish I enjoyed playing traditional fighting game like that :/

@Christian even worse it’s a hyper fighter so it’s all about 800 hit combos lol i’m terrible at that

Fighting-Game Hot Take (fresh from the toaster, covered with butter & jam) 

I think games like Smash Bros or Rivals of Aether (basically, platform fighters) are much more fun and engaging to play than standard 2D fighting games (like Street Fighter) because the lack of traditional combo system allows you to be more creative in how you approach a situational and doesn’t require you to memorize long button strings (among other reasons)

Fighting-Game Hot Take (fresh from the toaster, covered with butter & jam) 

@mint @Christian

I think there are some 2D fighters that have kind of simplified and standarizied the controls. Dragonball Fighter Z has most of the characters use the same imputs, an games like Persona 4 Arena let you build off auto-combos, so you can experiment with other moves while also being able to mash X to reliably combo.

Older series like street fighter are still horse shit tho.

@mint oh no am I gonna have to play skullgirls now

@mint trying to get combos on a keyboard is impossible

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