The switch in Animal Crossing is priced at 29,980 bells. This is its real world price in Japanese yen, or $269.69~ (nice). With this info, we can extrapolate the prices of other objects in Animal Crossing. This means a tarantula costs $72.

I have my PO Box info ready for that check MatPat.

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no idea why this post got so popular but i’m glad people enjoyed it lmao

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@mint thats on the higher end but its a p accurate number for a Goliath Birdeater, so that checks out

@KitRedgrave ol Tom is wise, the real value is in the labor brought to the island!

@purple @KitRedgrave If you aren't worried about banks and mortgage lenders, it's not too bad to put up a small house at the cost of materials and labor.

@KitRedgrave @mint there's no land ownership (folks can just place their houses wherever) and all residential construction work is so simple that it can be enacted by a tanooki and his two tween relatives overnight, so we have to assume that everything is prefabricated to a large extent. On that basis you have to think less about the price of real estate and more about the price of sheds.

converting bells to USD (+) 


For fictional currencies in most games from Japan, like Animal Crossing and Pokémon, they're usually based around pricing in Japanese yen. This means that for any game made in the last 30 years or so, we can always approximate a conversion of bells, Pokédollars, or whatever into USD simply by moving the decimal point two spaces to the left. For example, 150 bells or 150 Pokédollars becomes USD$1.50

Unusual bugs really are amazingly expensive in real life. But Pokéballs would be dirt cheap and disposable like convenience store candy wrappers??

converting bells to USD (+) 

@frameacloud @mint which goes a long way to explain the (frustrating) behaviour of throwing it once and never picking it up, despite evidence that a pokeball is entirely reusable

converting bells to USD (+) 

@xmakina @mint

That's what I was wondering about, too. A regular Pokéball costs less than an in-game lemonade. It could be pretty flimsy. That makes me wonder why it doesn't break when you throw a ball that has a Pokémon in it, though.

@mint can i use my 75k bells from Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to buy a Switch?

animal crossing, spider mention (and pictures in link) 

@mint I don't know what kind of Tarantula the one in Animal Crossing is exactly, but according to 72$ seems to be right in the middle of Tarantula pricing in real life.

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