my sister messaged me saying “the food’s all gone but all the spices are still in the aisles…we know who’s panicking” and i have been launched into orbit

food, coronavirus, morbid 

@mint All the white people die from a sodium deficiency while self-isolating from a virus.

food, coronavirus, morbid 

@ishiku @mint i take grave offense to the suggestion any white person, anywhere, does not oversalt the shit out of their food

food, coronavirus, morbid 

@bryceyoungquist @ishiku @mint thats what u do when u dont use any spices

food, the most cursed food statement imaginable 

@chillallmen @ishiku @mint i dont get it, salts a spice

food, the most cursed food statement imaginable 

@bryceyoungquist @ishiku @mint salt is a food in and of itself

@mint I saw the other day that the flour was gone and the spices were not and I was like, "y'
all are going to wish for something to season your three months worth of beans with real soon, white people." (I'm also white).

@eredien @mint I remember seeing that one of the less-common symptoms of covid-19 is "lessened ability to taste and smell" and now I'm wondering if that's a symptom of the disease or a product of white hoarding

@mint someone in my FC Discord the other day said "whole lotta people out there boldly buying beans for the first time without having reliable access to toilet paper" and it killed me too

@sporks for real also y’all don’t drink water, put it back

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